Thursday, 10 June 2010

all the colors so pretty 12:37

all the colors so pretty 12:31

Monday, 7 June 2010

ok then atually i dun wan post de A girl named noreen tell me to post then post lor bobian who ask me when i small know her liao . haha nvm bk to what i wan to post today morning i wake up at then after that go wash face brush my teeth then go smoke at toliet after smoke finsh go bath bath finsh then use com fb=facebook then chat and watch video then nth to eat le feel like eating then bobian tahan drink two milk coffee then drink strawberry milk then eat snack whao then go youtube see anysong i cn learn piano or guitar cause i have both item at my home guitar i know how to play piano abit nia la nth to learn but one thing my drawing still the best ever haha then nth to do now . Love are true but why people just play with love i dun get it haix..... single still the best . just like me do what ever i wan sometime bored do some drawing then go hear song play game do something new also ... sku are bored holiday also bored nth to do go sku also no use for nth get scolded then bobian scold bk only lor who ask me so gangster also dunno why now just waiting to finsh my game downloading well what u know some time put ur own heart in music or drawing it feel good u knoow that why my mode everyday so happy haha really u know . i love drawing i draw when i feel too when i draw ppl say it nice it because i put my heart into it to draw whole thing . haha if i free then i draw some let u all see . alright then time to rest now lazy leh haha LOVE=Lonely On Venlentine eve.

all the colors so pretty 22:33


Name:Death.Shawn School:Yishun Sec Class:1T2 Age:14 .x3




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